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Parents / Carer Feedback

Don’t just take our word for it are a few comments from parents whose children attended Little Angels

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“We are so happy with Little Angels, it is extremely well run and the teachers are fabulous with the children and easily approachable to parents. Having a uniform teaches the kids structure and discipline, and also ensures equality. Emma loves imaginative play and so having the option to attend a pyjama Drama class during school with her friends is a great way for Emma to express herself.  All the additional things the school offers like school photos, pyjama day, jeans day, baking, gardening, outdoor wear, snack bar etc… Is just a few of the added value activities that go on at the school.  Emma loves going to school, and that should testament enough of how good the school is. “ Janet Cuff

“Little Angels is absolutely fantastic and the main subject in our house. My daughter has attended the nursery for a year and has absolutely loved it. Her confidence with both children and adults too has really grown and the staff are brilliant with how they make everyday a memorable day. The activities are amazing and I can honestly say I cannot find fault in any aspect of the nursery. Incredible!” Kerri Abuzeid

“All the staff members are very approachable and welcoming.  If you have a problem with your child they’re on the case and give 100% to help”

“A lovely little nursery with friendly, caring, nurturing staff.  A very big outside space and somewhere……happy and settled quickly”

“My husband and I thoroughly recommend Little Angels Nursery. Our son thrived there, always looking forward to going, always coming home happy and stimulated. The staff work well as a team to provide varied and interesting activities, communication between them and us was always forthcoming, and we also think our son benefited immensely from having time outside every day. It prepared him well for school but equally did not push him too fast so he could learn at his own pace.”

“We are leaving due to our move and I have to say finding a nursery that offers the quality, facilities and high standards that Little Angels has was quite difficult. I know that Little Angels was good, but it’s not until you see other nurseries that you realise just how good!” Joanna.

“The staff have been wonderful, professional, kind, caring, creative and never lacking in thoughtfulness or awareness of the individual childs needs” Lisa.

“You are running a wonderful nursery. You can both be very proud of yourselves and the childrens eagerness to come to nursery is a testament to that. It is largely due to the love, care and attention she has received at Little Angels that she has settled so easily into life in the UK” Jenny.

“You have great skills and communication with him and have taught him so much, especially his letters and handwriting. You have given him the best start for school any little boy could wish for ” Rachel.

“Parents are kept up to date and involved throughout and I have no worries about leaving my son with the staff there as they always put your mind at rest with a smile and a kind word. You just know they are getting the full attention that a child needs.” Debbie.

“I think they should use Little Angels as a flagship nursery to show others how it should be done. I have every confidence in them but more importantly my son has every confidence in them, and that is what counts.” Debbie.

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