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Ofsted Report

OFSTED is the government body that inspect all registered day nurseries in the UK.   They conduct regular inspections and then issue a report about the standards of care.

Please take time to read our latest report.


Some of the highlights of our last inspection in 2014:

The quality of the teaching:

  • Children make very strong progress, and make rapid progress where the starting points are below that expected for their age group
  • They organise a broad and balanced curriculum with a variety of interesting activities in each area of learning.
  • Children can be very active, independent learners and are continuously engaged in purposeful play, with the time and space to extend their ideas and set their own challenges.
  • Very strong skills for future learning.

Children’s well being :

  • Staff are extremely considerate in listening to children and acting on their ideas
  • Children’s behaviour is very mature and considerate. Staff are clear about their expectations and talk with children about the nursery rules and how to manage feelings.


  • The whole staff team have an inspirational shared ethos which places the child and the family at the heart of all that they do.
  • The key-person system is highly effective, and staff build close, secure relationships with children and the parents, supporting their needs.
  • Children benefit from strong planning and assessment methods which focus on children’s individual learning needs, particularly where children have additional needs.
  • The manager and staff have exemplary partnerships with the local community which means they can provide consistent, coherent care for children.
  • They have a clear shared ethos, which inspires them to consistently do the best they can for children and build a solid foundation from which to grow.
  • Staff skillfully support children’s critical thinking.

Parental / carer relations :

  • Parents have exemplary opportunities to be part of the nursery and build a very strong partnership with staff
  • Parents comment on how much they appreciate staff’s expertise and openness, and state that they know they can talk to them at any time
  • The staff team are very considerate of parents views and deal with any concerns in an open and empathic way

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