Miss Grazie

Hello my name is Graziela and I am a mother of 6 yea-old boy and a 4 year-old girl

When I moved from Brazil to the UK in 2002 I started working as a nanny. I enjoyed the jobs I had so much that I decided that working with children was what I really wanted to do in life, so in 2009 I decide to train as a Montessori teacher.

After I finished my training I worked in a few different nursery schools. In doing so, it made me even more confident that the career I had chosen was the right one for me.

There are several things I love about working with children; I like their honesty, their curiosity, their imagination and how they can be happy with the simplest things in life. However what fascinates me the most is to see them develop. I find it amazing to see the difference in the children from when they join the nursery to when they leave at the age of 4. Knowing   that I helped with that development is one of the most rewarding feelings in the world for me.

Nursery Practitioner / Early Years Educator

Nursery Practitioner / Early Years Educator

  • International Diploma in Montessori Pedagogy Early Childhood
  • Montessori Theory and Methodology Certificate in Early Childhood
  • For a list of  full training courses please access file at the setting