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Healthy Eating & Nutrition

Little Angels Nursery we believe that getting children enjoying healthy food from an early age is the way to help them eat well for the rest of their lives.

Eating healthy food will give your child more energy to do the things they love for longer; it will also help with their concentration.  A vital skill to establish in these early years.

As you know it is highly recommended that we all eat five portions of fruits and vegetables each day.  Fruit and vegetables are key to a healthier lifestyle and we promote a healthy eating lifestyle in our nursery. Your child may grow their own seasonal vegetables and fruit in our nursery garden all year round, which makes our snacks so much more interesting!  We also encourage physical exercise and help children learn that exercise is fun by providing a range of stimulating individual and group activities in both the indoor and outdoor environment.  Fresh water is available throughout the session so children can help themselves whenever they are thirsty.

Snack Cafe:

Snack Cafe:

Little Angels Nursery we believe that snack time as an important part of the setting’s session and as many benefits. Our   ‘Snack cafe’  allows for children to become independent and offer social opportunities for children and help to develop appropriate table manners.

Cooking activities

Cooking activities

At Little Angels we feel strongly that providing regular cooking activities are a perfect way to teach children further about the food they eat as well as introduce them to new foods from around the world.

Cooking brings plenty of opportunities for introducing new vocabulary, asking questions and mark making as well as allowing children to acquire and hone skills such as counting, measuring, weighing and understanding time and fractions.  Whilst cooking children have lots fun and can be quite creativite along the way. We have witnessed our children  eagerly tucking into something they have prepared themselves and take great pride in their creations.

Early years code of practice for food and drink

At Little Angels we  follow national best practice which takes the form of the Early Years Code of Practice for food and drink.  This has seven principles including:

  1. Having a food policy
  2. Communicating with families about their child’s diet through our daily information board
  3. Planning varied menus for snacks in advance
  4. Planning snacks to meet the new national food and drink guidelines
  5. Catering for the dietary requirements of all children
  6. Having a positive and welcoming eating environment to encourage children to eat well
  7. Ensuring staff are appropriately trained.


Eat Better Start Better Programme

5 Star Food Hygiene Rating

5 Star Food Hygiene Rating

In November 2015 we were awarded a 5 Star rating given by Elmbridge Borough’s Environmental Health department for good standards in food hygiene.  The rating is based on a review of systems and processes as well as the actual practice the inspector sees on the day of their ‘no notice inspection’.

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