Our Vision

“To become an outstanding nursery through embedding core values in the early years”

Our Aims

We want our children to be confident individuals who are prepared to try something new but not be afraid to make mistakes. We want them to be self assured, to say what they think, but respect and be sensitive how other people are feeling too. We want our children to see life positively and to make good choices. We want them to be secure and feel like they belong.

We want our children to be successful learners who can think for themselves and use their developing skills in different ways. We want them to love learning but understand that, sometimes, learning is difficult and things don’t always go according to plan, so you have to stick at it and not give up. We want them to embrace all opportunities and to thrive on a challenge.

We want our children to be responsible citizens
 who respect themselves and other people and who strive to make the world a better place. We want them to appreciate that people may look different and  have different beliefs and traditions, but actually, we have much in common too and we share many key life values. We want them to understand how their attitude and what they do, affects their own life as well as others around them. We want them to be aware that they have rights but know that they also have responsibilities.

We want our children to know that each of them is special to us.

Little Angels Nursery....helping build strong foundations for future learning